Build Blog – November 25, 2018

Logged 30 man hours this weekend. The spoils of our work are starting to show.

You know it will be a productive day when this guy shows up at 8:30AM

We worked on clearing 4 green/5 tee box. Here is what we were looking at before:

Here is the after:

Another before angle looking up to 5 green.

Hopefully you can start to see the uniqueness of the property:

4 green area this summer looking like a forest:

So many vines:

Green site for 4:

We had a perfect day on Saturday so we burned up a few of the piles we had made. Really nice to have those taken care of. The skid steer is a game changer. Saves us so much time pushing big logs onto the burn piles.

Stoke has never been higher. The property looks freaking awesome and the vision of our little golf course is becoming clear. Now we wait for the snow to melt so we can get back out there and finish clearing. Estimate about 3 more days until we can shift to focusing on preparing the turf for seed in the spring.


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